What’s the difference between an umbrella, a softbox, and a beauty dish?

softbox and beauty dish

Right after someone asks me “What flash should I buy?” they ask “What’s the difference between an umbrella and a soft box?”  This post is a cursory review of the difference between a soft box, a beauty dish, a shoot-through umbrella, and a reflective umbrella. Before reading this post, I would recommend that you check CONTINUE

FUNdamentals of soft light for portrait photography

How to get soft lighting for portrait photography

When you start talking about teaching the fundamentals of anything, people tune out.  I’m hoping I got you here with the whole FUNdamentals thing.  Seriously, this post is gonna be a lot of fun (no, not really). Soft light vs. Hard light We’ve all heard people use these terms and many of us probably know CONTINUE