A Guide to Buying Cheap Wireless Flash Triggers

What is the best wireless flash trigger on eBay or other sites?

Want to try off-camera flash, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a set of PocketWizards?  Welcome to the world of cheap eBay and Amazon wireless flash triggers, which will allow you to wirelessly fire your flash even when it is not connected to your DSLR camera. If you’re ready to venture off CONTINUE

Learn to Balance Your Compositions (Landscape Photography)

Balance for composition in landscape photography is important.

I listened to an interesting discussion on Kerry Garrison’s audio podcast this last week. The topic was balance in photographic composition.  I thought the principle they were teaching would also be helpful for you all, so today’s post is an example of how balance in photographic composition can improve your landscape photography. I took the photo CONTINUE

How do Photographers Remotely Capture the Space Shuttle?

With the historic last launch of the space shuttle Endeavor, I got to wondering how the photographers remotely trigger their cameras to photograph the launch.  Since the public has to be 3 miles away from the launch site, it would be WAY too far for a Pocketwizard. Fortunately, BorrowLenses.com posted a link on their facebook CONTINUE

More Daytime Landscape Photography Tips

photo of a landscape taken during the daytime

Landscape photographers are snobs about shooting times.  We only shoot in the morning or evening and we turn up our noses to anyone who shoots during the day.  While it is certainly true that morning and evening are the most favorable times for shooting landscapes, I think most landscape photographers don’t shoot during the day CONTINUE