What is Bulb Mode and 5 Ways to Use It (Long Exposure Photography)

long exposure using bulb

Today’s post is the result of a question from Eric Thant via the “Ask a Question” page.  Eric asked, “How do I shoot the bulb mode?  I am using Nikon 10-24 lens with D90.” What is bulb mode on a camera? That’s simple.  Bulb mode simply allows the photographer to take a picture for as CONTINUE

More than you wanted to know about noise

Night photography - noise

This is a sample chapter from Jim Harmer’s book Improve Your Night Photography.  Check out the book! The success or failure of your night photography will likely depend on whether or not you have fully mastered your low-light shooting technique. A skilled night  photographer can leave a shoot knowing that all of her images were shot correctly CONTINUE

Improve Your Night Photography

Night Photography eBook Cover

Skilled night photographers can leave any shoot knowing they captured the scene in perfect focus and low noise, but beginning photographers often leave night shoots frustrated. After teaching dozens of photographers how to shoot at night, the author compiled this book to explain the most important tips for night photographers. This book is targeted to CONTINUE