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Post-Wedding Workflow: The System That Won’t Make You Crazy Part 1

One of the things that was most difficult for me when I first started photographing weddings was finding a post-wedding workflow that worked well for me.  I tried following the advice of various photographers, attempting to implement their exact workflow into my unique business.  All of these attempts failed because I was replicating the practices of someone with a completely …

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5 Things You Have To Shoot This Spring

Tired of winter? Well, spring is here! Every season brings its own photographic opportunities. It’s time to take advantage of the change in season and get out and take some spring photographs! Here are 5 things you have to shoot this spring.

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Let’s Talk: Portraits vs Snapshots

You have a good camera and photograph people on a regular basis, yet your photos don’t look like the portraits you admire or regularly see in magazines or online. All of the elements seem to be there but something appears to be missing. In this case, you may be taking snapshots and not portraits. Snapshots tend to capture a moment …

How to Take Successful Family Portraits

I shot another family portrait tonight.  It took me half way through the shoot before I remembered to change my shooting style.  While I am generally focused on the photography and getting the shot, when I shoot family portraits I have to remind myself that the Mom  of the family (the one I am trying to make happy) really only …