How do Photographers Remotely Capture the Space Shuttle?

With the historic last launch of the space shuttle Endeavor, I got to wondering how the photographers remotely trigger their cameras to photograph the launch.  Since the public has to be 3 miles away from the launch site, it would be WAY too far for a Pocketwizard. Fortunately, posted a link on their facebook CONTINUE

More Daytime Landscape Photography Tips

photo of a landscape taken during the daytime

Landscape photographers are snobs about shooting times.  We only shoot in the morning or evening and we turn up our noses to anyone who shoots during the day.  While it is certainly true that morning and evening are the most favorable times for shooting landscapes, I think most landscape photographers don’t shoot during the day CONTINUE

15 Tips For Stunning Black and White Photography

photography tips for black and white

This post is in response to a question from Matthew Tapley, who is interested in learning how to improve his black and white photography skills.  I hope this article has information that is valuable enough to you that you’d consider sharing it on Facebook or Twitter. Black and White Photography Tip #1: Shoot in RAW.  Many CONTINUE

10 Tips for Stunning Action Photography


Action Photography Tip #1: Plan ahead! Carefully plan where you will set up.  This is probably the biggest mistake for action photographers.  I can’t tell you how many parents I see on the sidelines shooting their son’s soccer game from the middle of the field.  Since the action will mostly occur near the goal, that CONTINUE

Flickr SEO: 6 Tips for getting on Flickr’s Explore Page

How to get on explore page on flickr

One question I frequently get from Flickr photographers is how to get on the coveted “Explore” page more often.  Flickr is an extremely popular photo-sharing website that allows photographers to socially connect with other users and view their photos.  Every day, the “Explore” page is updated with the most popular photos on Flickr based on CONTINUE