How to Control Tricky Lighting in Landscape Photography

How to control lighting for landscape when there are varying brightness levels in the scene.

While shooting in Nauvoo, I found a beautiful stone bridge built by Mormon pioneers over 150 years ago.  The small rock bridge included a small waterfall underneath it, so I knew it was time to take out the camera and start shooting. Unfortunately, as soon as I got underneath the bridge and waded into the CONTINUE

Review of Nik HDR Effex Pro and Photomatix 4

HDR Photograph

What are the differences between Nik HDR Effex Pro and Photomatix 4?  Which one is better?  Which one is best?  Read this review and learn… First of all, the conclusion.  After fairly extensive testing of both Photomatix 4 and HDR Effects Pro, I have come to the conclusion that the best product for serious HDR CONTINUE


HDR Porsche - by Jim Harmer

Snore!  I’ve heard it before… people turn up their noses at my photography because I Photoshop my images.  The ignorant remarks lack an understanding that there are extremely few professional photographers who don’t use digital image editing techniques.  If you’re ever faced with these whiners, consider arming yourself with the following arguments. First, no photograph CONTINUE

HDR Photography Tips [Video]

Sand Storm (HDR) - Jim Harmer

Join me, Jim Harmer, on an HDR landscape photography shoot at the beach in Florida.  Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the audio from my microphone, so I had to use the windy audio from the camera’s on-board mic.  Woops! In this video, I teach some compositional tricks for landscape photographers and go through an in-depth tutorial CONTINUE