How to Control Tricky Lighting in Landscape Photography

How to control lighting for landscape when there are varying brightness levels in the scene.

While shooting in Nauvoo, I found a beautiful stone bridge built by Mormon pioneers over 150 years ago.  The small rock bridge included a small waterfall underneath it, so I knew it was time to take out the camera and start shooting. Unfortunately, as soon as I got underneath the bridge and waded into the CONTINUE

Photo Basics Lesson: How to Check the Exposure

One of the most significant benefits to digital cameras is the LCD screen, which shows you your picture immediately after it was taken.  Unfortunately, the LCD also causes severe problems for photographers.  In this post, I’ll explain a few methods for determining if your exposure is correct by looking at the LCD of the camera. CONTINUE

Improve Your Photography (Beginner) – $7.99

Improve Photography Book Cover

“Improve Your Photography: How Budding Photographers Can Get Pro Results” has been purchased by thousands of beginning photographers across the world.  This second edition of the book includes updated information and expanded resources for budding photographers. The book is packed full of quick and easy tips to encourage budding photographers to improve while learning concepts CONTINUE