Canon vs. Nikon: What’s the difference? (Updated for 2012)

Canon versus Nikon

I know what you’re thinking, and I think you’re wrong.  That may be a confrontational way to start this post, but this Nikon vs. Canon DSLR debate is fueled by such passion in 2012 that I have to explain what we’re discussing here. Both Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras provide fantastic image quality and similar CONTINUE

Is It Necessary to Buy the Expensive Lenses?

why are some lenses more expensive?

John Fares sent in a question via the Ask a Question page in which he essentially asked why some photographers recommend buying the expensive high-end lenses when there are cheaper lenses of the same focal length available.  What’s the difference between cheap lenses and expensive lenses?  You can read the full question at the end CONTINUE