Step-by-step guide to planning a creative shoot

tips on getting creative photos

Creativity is a complex concept.  It involves making something new and out-of-the-ordinary.  It means avoiding the expected and typical.  With this in mind, many photographers attempt to take creative photographs by creating absolutely insane and ridiculous scenes and then snapping a picture of it.  I’m always amazed when I look at the top-voted pictures on CONTINUE

What is the highest aperture on a DSLR camera?

high aperture

While many lenses have a maximum aperture of f/22, some lenses have apertures that go to f/40 or higher! Generally, photographers do not use any aperture above f/18 or f/22 because of diffraction.  Diffraction is a phenomenon which causes a loss in sharpness because light rays are bent around the aperture. The following is a CONTINUE

30 Tips for stunning sunset photography

stunning tips for landscape photography of sunsets

Sunset Photography Tip #1. Underexpose.  This is the most important tip for taking pictures of sunsets.  Slightly underexposing the sunset will make the colors look more rich and defined.  The entire scene will become more dramatic.  You can underexpose by using manual mode and selecting a fast shutter speed, or you can shoot in aperture CONTINUE

The Da Vinci Rule of Composition

Photography composition

Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t even alive during the age of photography, but he did have something to say about composition: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” If you feel that you are often unable to shoot an ordinary scene and give the photo a professional look, then the problem is most likely that your compositions are CONTINUE

Landscape Photography Tips Video: Creative Composition


  In this short 5-minute video, Jim Harmer walks through the steps to create a stunning landscape photo.  Follow Jim as he takes a landscape picture on the beach in Naples, Florida and then takes the photo home to post-process the image using Lightroom 3 and Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw. Creative photography tip for landscape CONTINUE