10 Top Tips for Shooting Birds in Flight (Bird Photography)

how to take pictures of birds while flying

Living in SW Florida where there are hundreds of species of beautiful shore birds, many photographers are interested in how to shoot birds in flight.  Shooting birds in flight can be tricky at first, but these tips will get you headed in the right direction. Bird Photography Tip #1: Watch your composition. Strong composition for CONTINUE

Plan the Light for Better Animal Photography

lighting wildlife photography

Unlike portraiture, there is no “Smile for the camera” when photographing wildlife.   No bringing animals into the studio or setting up fancy lighting gear.  For these reasons, many photographers mistakenly believe that the light “Is what it is” when shooting animals.  These photographers are missing out.  This post will explain how you can improve CONTINUE

The worst place to shoot wildlife photography


What is it?  What’s the worst place to shoot wildlife photography?  If you’re thinking the zoo, then you’d be dead wrong.  The truth is that the worst place to shoot wildlife photography is where most people would think is the best place to shoot wildlife photos. Confused?  Allow me to explain.  Whenever I teach wildlife photography CONTINUE

What’s the big deal about catch-lights?


Portrait photographers and wildlife photographers are both crazy about catch-lights, but if the two groups were to fight it out, I have to say that wildlife photographers are even crazier about catch-lights than portrait photographers. Catch-lights are specular highlights in the eyes of an animal or a person.  Look around you for something shiny and CONTINUE