Over the last 6 years, this page has served millions of photographers with tips on the best photography gear available. I feel like helping everyone find inexpensive, high quality photography gear is one of the most important parts of what I do.

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in gear over the last few years so I can test as much gear as possible, and the best stuff is recommended here.

I hope you find this recommended gear section helpful, and I hope to save you a buck too.



Jim Harmer
Founder, ImprovePhotography.com

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  1. Mario Pierre

    Hey gang!

    Been listening to IP since the Dusty-O era.

    You’ve been a major factor in my photography adventures.
    Which are daily because I shoot, think, process, live, do and do not do photography.
    What is singular with IP is your attitude or if you prefer your approach to INCLUDE all; from beginning shooters, intermediate shooters and perhaps pros. – I want to believe pros don’t know all/everything about photography and are most definitely part of your audience.

    Anyway, my photography grew up with the podcast. You’ve been with me the whole time. I’ve been listening the whole time.
    Tips, tricks, doodads, interviews, perspectives, opinions, tests, recommended gear, recommended attitudes, positivism etc. The list is long.

    Helpful you were, of course.

    I’ve learned how to do the best shoot with the gear I could afford. Like I said, I grew with the podcast and by ricochet with you guys.
    You, like myself, love gear but the emphasis was never put on the gear itself (somewhat…). I loved that very much.

    I cannot say I’m the best photographer out there but I feel more confident in what I do and with my vision.
    I dare more, I keep repeating my success and I try to understand the source of my mistakes.

    For now I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done so far. IP and the other podcasts are still part of my daily commute. I take handwritten notes whenever I listen to the podcasts.

    I don’t know if my train of thoughts were making sense but I don’t care… I’m sure you dig what I wanted to say/convey.

    Thanks again.

    Mario Pierre (Pee-hair)
    aka Warioda

  2. William

    have you tried the Shanny flash sn600sn? what triggers work with it?

  3. Prateek Kumar Tanwar

    Recommended dslr for beginners 2016?
    -Canon or nikon?
    And good camera lenses?

  4. Jerry

    FYI Broken link on your website

    I’m on a mobile device
    From gear page –> backup

    Page not found =(

    Love the pod cast and IP

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