coupon code for 5% off Jim's online photography classes

Most of the things we do on Improve Photography are already so inexpensive that I don’t do a ton of coupons, but I thought it’d be fun to put one coupon out there for those who are diligent enough to Google it. ¬†It’s an 8% off coupon that works on ANY digital products we offer!

Just use the coupon code “googledme” ¬†

The coupon is good for anything on and has NO expiration date, so remember it for future purchases as well!

The reason I include this coupon here on this page and no where else on the website is that I want to make this an exclusive coupon or discount code for people who go through the work of actually typing this in a search engine to get this deal.  Congratulations!



    1. Author
      Jim Harmer

      @Stacy Berube – You’re welcome! Congratulations on finding the hidden coupon!

    1. Erik

      It worked this morning (11/29/15) use the code now while you still can!!!
      Thanks Jim

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