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Comments from the I.P. Community

  1. sarah jorden says

    I have taken a class in the past. I downloaded presets for Lightroom and really enjoyed them. I recently changed computers and have been tweaking my Lightroom to get it back to how I liked it. I cannot figure out how to retrieve your presets. Would you have a record of my prior purchase? what would you recommend for me to do?

  2. Bob Patterson says

    Your podcast is the best photography podcast, However, since you went back to the 2 person with Darin, your audio is not as clear as it was. Darin’s voice is crystal clear but yours seems a bit unclear. I am wondering if it is my equipment (iPod Touch 16 GB) or something else.

    Keep up the good work as I look forward to your podcasts each week.

    Thank you.

  3. says

    How about addressing the correct way to clean a DSLR sensor. I was recently at an airs how with my Canon 50D with my 70-200 lens. Got some great shots, except for the sensor dirt that appeared in post. I’m hesitant to clean the sensor myself. Should I be?

    Also, I’d like to use this same 70-200mm lens on my Canon 6D at air shows, but don’t want to expose my sensor to dirt. I’ve heard that the quality of photos from full frame cameras will exceed those of crop framed cameras in venues such as this, even if you have to crop them in. Better to take the full frame only and switch lenses, or take the crop frame with the long lens and
    switch camera bodies?

    Thanks for your opinion on this. Love your podcast…

  4. Joanne says

    You state you will have a link regarding what brand extensions you used in your micro podcast from last week, but I can’t find any info I your website. Help!

  5. Trevor says

    Just found the pod…really entertaining while I work and informative.

    I just bought my first camera, (Sony a6000) after a year of having interest in photography. Now my problem is finding time to practice and find inspiration. (other than shooting my kids) I have 2 little kids and when I’m not working I’m with my kids.

    How does someone with kids find time and inspiration to shoot anything other than their kids? Or what can I shoot while I’m with my kids even…

  6. Jay says

    I’ll keep this short and sweet, I’m interested in knowing your opinion on shutter release cables? Maybe ones that you can set the amount of time you want the shutter open for rather than holding down a button.

  7. Chris says

    I really enjoy your podcasts and sometimes the behind the scenes newsletters too. I wish however that Jim did not pepper things with religious overtones quite so often. I do respect the right in our country (the U.S.) to verbally assert our faith in everyday speak but I think that while it can attract some, it can alienate others. I thought the purpose of this site and podcast was to Improve Photography, not to tell us your opinion that a beautiful scene occurred because God wanted it (Iceland) or that the weather and color of the leaves came together so it was ‘blessed’. Secondly, too much talk about your presets…

    The above are opinions I thought of while reading your material today…not so much of a critique as an observation (except about the continuous talk of presets). As I said, I like what you do, and by God’s will, I’ll keep listening until the last blessed episode!

    • Jim Harmer says

      @Chris – If you’re offended by passing comments with a “religious overtone” which took up precisely 9 seconds of a show lasting 1 hour and 8 minutes, then you’re WAY too sensitive. Insanely, ridiculously, laughably sensitive.

      I can either be one of two people in my public life: (1) I can be who I am and express stories about my life the way I see them, or (2) I can be an inauthentic fraud who caters to each of the peculiar sensibilities of the millions of people who read this site. I choose #1.

      If the religious overtones were so over the top that it swallowed up the photography talk, there would definitely be a problem. But as I’ve stated that just isn’t the fact here. So if you can’t deal with who I am as a person, then I think you’ll have to look elsewhere for free photography advice.

  8. says

    I’d like to make a critique that is meant to be helpful, not harmful. I often find myself wishing Darin would relax. Maybe it’s just me, but he often speaks in monotones, I’m guessing because he’s tense, which makes him sound boring. I don’t think what he’s saying is boring in most cases, but it comes off that way. It also sometimes has the effect of sounding like you are reaching for what to say, like in asking Jim questions about Iceland in that podcast. I think Dusty and Jim were so good together because they were able to just relax and have a conversation together that sounded natural & not like they were straining for what to say next. If it’s hard for you to relax, you might try consciously modulating your voice until relaxing “on air” starts to come naturally. As I said, I might be the only one who feels this way, but I suspect not. At any rate, I hope you find it helpful & not nasty. I wish you well!


  9. Patrick J. Rodrigues says

    Do I have to buy a software in addition to your course? Or I don’t have to worry.
    Do I have to upgrade yearly? Or will I be able to continue without any hassle.
    I will appreciate very highly your reply before I run out of your deadline.
    Thank you

    • Jim Harmer says

      @Patrick J. Rodrigues – You can buy Lightroom 5 and the presets will work for as long as the software does. Lightroom is available as a subscription bundled with the full version of Photoshop for $10 per month, or as a standalone purchase for about $150.

  10. Ann Fox Gulbransen says

    OK, I bought the new steal and did get the presets and brushes. I did not get the 1 hr video training, the lightroom crash course or the webinar. Please advise.


  11. Simmie Reagor says


    I noticed you were having a hard time recommending a wide angle lens for a crop sensor camera. I can vouch for the Sigma 8-16mm f/4.5-5.6 lens. I had this on a D7000 and got good results on it. CA was well controlled and easily cleaned up on any that showed up. Very sharp results and not very expensive (a little over $600). The only drawbacks would be the the bulbous front element limiting you in which type of filter you can use on it if that’s your thing and its not a fast lens. So at least one more you can suggest.

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