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Unfortunately, many people turn into bullies online.  To make Improve Photography a friendly community, we simply delete such comments and we have received countless emails and comments from our community members who praise Improve Photography for creating this type of friendly environment.

Improve Photography Comment Policy

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But What If I Disagree With Someone?

Great!  The whole purpose for allowing comments on Improve Photography is to allow photographers to share their opinions and knowledge.  Please speak up if you disagree with the author of a post or another commenter; HOWEVER, you must be polite and you must be friendly.

Look through the site and you’ll see that there are hundreds of comments disagreeing with the author or another commenter.  We welcome those comments!  But if a commenter disagrees and does so in an impolite or unfriendly way…. you guessed it!  The comment will be deleted.

Important Legal Information

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  1. Roger Striffler

    As a long time subscriber, I love your podcast and this site. I do have to say, however, that I completely disagree with the recent post, “How to Market Your Photography Using Instagram”.

    Instagram exists as a forum for posting snapshots of everyday life. It’s heart and soul, the thing it was completely designed around, is the use of the mobile device to capture photos. The purpose being to capture and share moments in the days of our lives. Sure, there is some editing functionality, but that is to enhance, not replace, the experience. Though it can certainly be done, sharing photos not taken with the phone is an ancillary feature at best, and not in keeping with the true sprit of Instagram.

    There was a large outcry by Instagram users when Facebook acquired Instagram; they (we) feared the commercialization of the app. And here we are.

    I completely understand and respect the creativity and work ethic required by independent business folks and entrepreneurs, but I also respect that they generally will have more ethics and be more in touch with the better aspects of society and business. Instagram allows people to connect in an easy, open, creative way. The lack of commercialism gives a sincerity to the communication that is lacking on so many other platforms. If you want to market yourself and your photography, use Facebook; it has no limits, or pride. Posting your photos for commercial gain on Instagram disrespects the spirit of the app and its followers, and is a perfect way to get you dropped from my follow list.


  2. Susan Rodgers

    I am amazed at how many professional photographers post their photos on IG. I thought IG says in its rules/agreement that once posted they own the image. I’ve also noticed a lot of photo stealing and regraming. And lastly, there’s a lot of “girl looking for date” types followers. I’m wondering if you have any experience with Flikr you can share. Thanks

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