Five Reasons Why Your Brand New Camera is Making you a Worse photographer


My Father has just bought a new car and, with great relish and commitment, has spent the last few weeks poring over car magazines, drooling over spec sheets and basking in the utopian drivel pedalled in the car brochures! It was in one of these that I noticed a whole page devoted to the optional CONTINUE

What is a DNG file?

Remember VHS tapes? Or better yet – Betamax? And how about all those floppy disks that used to hold your precious files? Technologies can blow in one day and out the next littering the landscape with beloved memories locked away on obsolete equipment. So how does this relate to photography? You probably have grandma’s photo CONTINUE

What is a CR2 File?

What is a CR2 file? New Canon users might be a bit perplexed when they download their photos from their camera to their computers and see files with an extension of .cr2. Just what is a .cr2 file? It’s Canon’s proprietary file extension for its RAW images coming directly out of the camera. Think of CONTINUE