Best Tripods & Ball Heads

Best ball heads on the market

CameraGear MemoryGear BagGear TripodGear LensGear FilterGear FlashGear ComputerGear Gear Packages Flash FAQ Submit New Gear Suggestions     If you’re interested in tripods, you’ll probably like this article where I explain the pros and cons of each of the major tripod brands.   Experienced landscape and wildlife photographers know that the tripod is the #1 CONTINUE

Improve Your Photography (Beginner) – $7.99

Improve Photography Book Cover

“Improve Your Photography: How Budding Photographers Can Get Pro Results” has been purchased by thousands of beginning photographers across the world.  This second edition of the book includes updated information and expanded resources for budding photographers. The book is packed full of quick and easy tips to encourage budding photographers to improve while learning concepts CONTINUE

Improve Your Night Photography

Night Photography eBook Cover

Skilled night photographers can leave any shoot knowing they captured the scene in perfect focus and low noise, but beginning photographers often leave night shoots frustrated. After teaching dozens of photographers how to shoot at night, the author compiled this book to explain the most important tips for night photographers. This book is targeted to CONTINUE

Improve Your HDR Photography – $5.99


There are thousands of simple HDR tutorials online, but few tips on improving your HDR photography past the absolute basics. This book was designed to fill that void with dozens of easy-to-implement tips and techniques to create realistic-looking HDR images. The first chapter is a quick HDR tutorial for beginners, and then the remaining chapters CONTINUE