6 Tips for Perfect Wedding Photos

Bride and groom

Every bride wants to have the perfect wedding; this includes flower arrangements all the way to the car driven after the couple has been married. Once the day is over, photographs help the happy couple look back on the day they began their lives together. Hiring the right photographer is crucial when wanting a beautiful CONTINUE

How to Photograph a Fashion Show


Though from a distance, shooting a fashion show might look like a simple thing, in reality it is anything but. Fashion shows move quickly and you don’t get second chances to capture the glitz and glamor of the latest designs. Much of the work involved, comes down to preparation and being familiar with your gear. CONTINUE

The 11 Cutest Props for Baby Photography

sleeping baby with teddy bear

One of the most exciting parts of baby photography is not just the cute, adorable subject, but the fun and creativity involved with every photo session. Each photo shoot is a whole new experience when tailored specifically to the baby’s (and the parents’) personalities. Whether shooting outdoors in a beautiful community park or indoors in CONTINUE

Portrait Tips on the Street [Duel]


This week Dustin and I (Jim) were in the studio writing photo tips for you guys.  It had been a slow day and we were catching a bit of studio fever (it’s just like cabin fever–but in a studio). I went outside to find something to shoot.  It was the middle of the day and CONTINUE

Panning Photography Tips [Duel]

Panning photo of a boy spinning around holding hands with his Dad.

This week’s theme is panning.  Dustin and Jim each had only 1 hour to head out and come back with a panning shot. The reason that this duel is focusing on panning is because it is one of the projects that the students in Jim and Dustin’s Online Beginning Photography Class do. Panning means using CONTINUE