How to Focus in Sports Photography

baseball player sliding into home plate

One of the most basic principles of photography is to get the photo in sharp focus. It makes sense, then, that there is nothing harder and more frustrating than trying to shoot a moving target! This problem is never more obvious than in sports photography. Athletes dart around the playing field with lightning quick moves CONTINUE

10 Tips for Stunning Action Photography


Action Photography Tip #1: Plan ahead! Carefully plan where you will set up.  This is probably the biggest mistake for action photographers.  I can’t tell you how many parents I see on the sidelines shooting their son’s soccer game from the middle of the field.  Since the action will mostly occur near the goal, that CONTINUE

Tips for shooting little league or high school sports

sports photography background

For many of you, this was the reason you bought your first DSLR.  Shooting sports is really fun, and even more so if it’s your own kid.  This last fall, I spent a fair bit of time shooting high school sports for the youth in a little Boy Scout group where I volunteer.  I figured CONTINUE