Old Photo Restoration in Photoshop [Duel]

"Love is a battlefield."

Photo restoration is one of the most challenging and fun projects to work on in Photoshop.  We started this project with a very old photo of Jim’s grandparents since his family enjoys researching their family history.  The photo was taken in the 1940s, giving the print plenty of time to fade and decay.  The photo CONTINUE

Composite Photography Tips [Weekly Duel]

Dancing couple in a basement

This week’s theme is compositing, a Photoshop technique where you take multiple pictures and combine them together to make a single composition. We decided to do a composite duel this week our NEW Photoshop 1, Photoshop 2, and Photoshop Elements online classes are starting on Wednesday!  We’ve been working night and day on those classes for CONTINUE

How do I view a RAW file?


You read all that you could on the internet about why you should be shooting in RAW only to find out that you can’t see your images on your computer when you import them to your hard drive. There is nothing more frustrating than to be following advice and have it not work!! Because RAW CONTINUE