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Lightroom November 2015 Update – APPROVED!

APPROVED! The Improve Photography team has now had a few days to poke at the Lightroom CC 2015.3/6.3 update provided by Adobe in early November 2015 and all of us have had a good experience with the update.  We recommend the update for all photographers.  We also recommend setting the Camera Raw cache to 70GB (Preferences->File Handling->Camera Raw Cache Settings) …

Lr November 2015 Update

Lightroom CC 2015.3/6.3 On 11/17 Adobe released an update to Lightroom CC 2015.3/6.3.  The release is the first after the software company got hammered with negative feedback from the maligned CC 2015.2/6.2 update where the import process was revamped in a way most photographers found to be unacceptable.  The change of the import process seemed to be just the stick …

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How to Use Photo Mechanic to Speed Up Lightroom Culling

Last week I published a video on the Improve Photography Youtube Channel showing that Lightroom import is 600% slower than other competitive programs.  Dozens of you wrote back and asked how photographers can use Photo Mechanic together with Lightroom for the fastest possible workflow. I’ve been testing out this workflow and I’ve actually found it to be extremely fast and …

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5 Unconventional Uses for the Lightroom “Dehaze” Tool

Recently, Adobe announced that Lightroom 6.2 adds local adjustment capabilities with the dehaze slider.  I’m really excited for this new feature, as I’ve been loving dehaze! I’ve been pretty critical of Adobe lately and the litany of bugs in Lightroom that have slowed its performance to a near halt.  But while the slowness has been driving me absolutely insane, I also …

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How to Take a “Rolling Down the Hill” Panorama

In January 2015, a user posted a photo on Twitter that went crazy on social media.  It was a gorgeous photo of a hill with a warped, circular perspective.  The photo was captioned, “Panoramic picture taken while rolling down a hill.”  It was a funny explanation of the photo, but it wasn’t at all true to how the photo was …

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Windows Photo Editing SUPER Guide

Welcome to this SUPER guide to buying a Windows PC for photo editing that walks you through what you should and should not spend money on in a Windows PC to do photo editing.