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Why Lightroom is Best for Beginning Photographers

GIMP. Bridge. Camera RAW. Photoshop. Lightroom.  The list could go on.  All of these software programs allow you to “post process” and/or organize your photos on your computer.  All of them do it differently.  Here is why Lightroom is the best option for a beginning photographer.

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6 Pro Photoshop Tips for Photographers Who Have Seen It All

There are many different ways to skin a cat in Photoshop and it’s always good to learn new ways do get stuff done. Who knows, you might find one way of doing things which works better for you which you haven’t seen before. Here are 7 Photoshop tips that should make your workflow better. 1. Silhouette Better – Refine your edges:  …

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The difference between highlights and whites sliders in Lightroom

The important difference between the highlights slider and whites slider is in the tonal ranges of an image each slider affects. The highlights slider is designed to bring back detail [moving slider to the left] in the brightest areas of an image or to brighten [moving slider to the right] highlights while protecting against clipping. The whites slider sets the …

How to sync your Lightroom catalog from your laptop to your desktop

If you are like most people these days, you are surrounded by technology – laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. You can’t escape it. For the photographer, that means having photos in multiple locations on more than one device. Getting all your photos synched up and in one location can be a hassle. Or does it have to be? Adobe …