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Head Swap in Photoshop

One of the most commonly asked questions by Photoshop beginners is how to perform a head swap. In this lesson you will learn the 3 simple steps: copy, paste, mask.   You just got home from a family portrait shoot and upload the photos only to find your favorite shot is ruined because one of your subjects blinked or maybe …

Lightroom or Photoshop Camera Raw?

You’ve probably heard enough photographers talk about RAW that you realize it’s a pretty powerful tool in the digital photographer’s tool bag.  The power of shooting RAW is unleashed when you get to the digital darkroom, and for most of us, that means using Lightroom (LR) or Photoshop (PS).  Editing can be a lot of fun, but having a solid …

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Why Lightroom is Best for Beginning Photographers

GIMP. Bridge. Camera RAW. Photoshop. Lightroom.  The list could go on.  All of these software programs allow you to “post process” and/or organize your photos on your computer.  All of them do it differently.  Here is why Lightroom is the best option for a beginning photographer.