7 Essential Accessories for Every New Camera

There is a common debate among photographers that starts with, “The gear doesn’t make you a better photographer.” Yes, this is a true statement, but let’s be real with ourselves: there are some photography accessories that you simply must have. If you are going for the minimalistic gear line-up, these are you essential “must have” CONTINUE

Lens Elements and Groups: Is More Better?


When it comes to modern technology, the feeling seems to be that more is better. In recent years, our computer terminology, for instance, has gone from megabytes to gigabytes and now terabytes. In the world of digital photography, photographers are always being lured by more megapixels, more frames per second, and higher ISOs. In the CONTINUE

What is an Interchangeable Lens Camera?


Interchangeable lens cameras (ILC) are some of the newest types of cameras on the market. Since the first ILC was introduced in 2004 with the Epson R-D1, the market has exploded with models from all the major camera manufacturers. But what is an ILC and how does it differ from other types of cameras like CONTINUE

What is a Micro 4/3 camera

Background Before we discuss Micro 4/3 we need to learn a bit about how the 4/3 system started. The 4/3 system was developed from the ground up to be a digital only camera system. It is also an “open system” meaning that multiple manufacturers can produce lenses and cameras for the system that can be CONTINUE