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Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Every year the IP Team pulls their thoughts together on the top gifts for photographers in all types of budgets this holiday season.  Check out our recommendations on the top 50 gifts in the IP Holiday Gift Guide 2015!

Bag Review Sneak Peek: Peak Design & Ona

YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR IT!  I know many of you have anxiously been waiting the review of messenger bags and travel backpacks in hopes of finding THE perfect bag!  As I finish up the review, I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of two of the bags to give you an idea of what I’ve been evaluating.  Check …

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ImprovePhotography Reviews the Canon Pixma Pro100 Printer

I’ve been testing the Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer over the last week and after putting it through its paces with LOTS of prints, I’m anxious to give you my review of this very powerful printer at an attractive price point. In short, although the cost of ink for the Canon Pixma Pro 100 is especially high, the printer itself is …

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State of the Camera Industry: How much trouble are Canon and Nikon in?

Two years ago, I surveyed Improve Photography’s hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans and did a poll as to what camera brand they shoot.  Over 98% of them shot Canon or Nikon.  I held the same straw (very unscientific) poll today and that only 2 years later, only 73% of my audience shoots with Canon or Nikon (Canon 42%, Nikon …

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Rumor: Samsung to kill off its NX camera business

I’m a fan of the Samsung NX camera line.  I even bought one for my wife a couple years ago, and found it to have the best connectivity features of any camera I’d ever tested. But it looks like the connected camera wasn’t enough to entice buyers.  According to Korean newspaper Asiae, as reported by MirrorlessRumors, Samsung is reportedly ready …