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Why Lightroom is Best for Beginning Photographers

GIMP. Bridge. Camera RAW. Photoshop. Lightroom.  The list could go on.  All of these software programs allow you to “post process” and/or organize your photos on your computer.  All of them do it differently.  Here is why Lightroom is the best option for a beginning photographer.

Yongnuo 50mm prime reviewed better than Canon?

As a follow up post to this one a few days ago, a more in-depth review (although still more subjective than scientific), has come from Jay Levitt over at Petapixel.  Jay “tested” sharpness, flare, bokeh, and chromatic aberration and offers some sample images from both the Yongnuo and the Canon version of the lens. In the end his assessment surprised me, …

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Yongnuo EF 50mm f/1.8 Lens?

Yongnuo has released a clone of the popular Canon 50mm f/1.8 EF mount lens and is selling it at a ridiculously low price!  Still, as with most things you get what your pay for, is this lens right for you?

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Editor’s Choice Holiday Gift Guide 2014

All of us here at Improve Photography are photo nerds.  Sure, there is a lot more to good photography than the gear, but it is so much fun to talk about the latest stuff.  The Christmas holidays give us a chance to geek out over the things that are on our wish lists.  We hope you all enjoy it and …

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3 Reasons the “Nifty Fifty” Is the Second Thing to Buy

So you’ve picked up your first DSRL along with a kit lens. You’ve been playing with the features, getting to know the camera and the lens. Now you’re starting to think about what to buy next. A lot of advice tells you to invest in lenses, but which one should you start with? If you look into many professional photographer’s …