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11 Practical Techniques for Better Long Lens Photography

Shooting with a long lens requires a very different set of skills and techniques than shooting at normal focal lengths.  Even advanced photographers struggle the first several times they shoot at the long focal lengths. This week I’m shooting in Yellowstone doing a free photography workshop with 40 readers of Improve Photography, and as I teach I’m remembering some of …

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3 Secrets to Shooting Impressive Fall Photos

Fall is a time of transition—summer slowly transforming into winter, rain returning more regularly, and green leaves turning spectacular colors before going dormant. This being the case, it can be a wonderful season for photographers. However, it takes more than just some colorful leaves to make a striking Fall photo.

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5 Things You Have To Shoot This Spring

Tired of winter? Well, spring is here! Every season brings its own photographic opportunities. It’s time to take advantage of the change in season and get out and take some spring photographs! Here are 5 things you have to shoot this spring.

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How to Pack Your Camera for an Afternoon Hike

So you’re going out into nature to do some photography. Maybe you’re heading out to a scenic location to capture the sunset, or you’re in search of wildlife. How do you bring your camera along and protect it, while still having it accessible? In this article we will talk about ways to carry your camera and have it ready for those surprise …

21 Tips for Creative Flower Photography

I’ve always had a fondness for nature and the great outdoors, so it’s only natural (pun intended) that my photographic interests have gravitated in that direction.  Furthermore, if there is one aspect of nature that seems to grab my attention and draw me in for a closer look, it is flowers.  There is just something about the inherent beauty of …