What do you think of this photo essay?

After the post earlier this week about photography projects, Jon Payne (Twitter:@youwerentlookin) sent me an email to share a photo essay that he recently completed.  I thought the project was a good example of a fun street photography project, and wanted to share it here on the site (with his permission).  Jon would like to receive your feedback on this project and what you think of it, so leave a comment below (no registration required!) to let him know what you think.

Here’s Jon’s explanation of his project….
I am a designer by day but a keen photographer whenever I get the chance. I thought a way to keep me pushing myself and keep getting out there would be to set myself a project.So after a good while I decided on a concept of pictures that fit the idea “when you weren’t looking” , in that when I have taken pictures of friends , family…..they say that’s great, but when did you take that, and i say when you weren’t looking! Made sense to find an idea I enjoyed and could expand on.  You can see the full photo essay at www.whenyouwerentlooking.com



  1. Rick

    Well, frankly, if you hadn’t told me they were supposed to go together in some way, I wouldn’t know. I don’t see a theme tying them all together.

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