Improve Your HDR Photography – $5.99

There are thousands of simple HDR tutorials online, but few tips on improving your HDR photography past the absolute basics. This book was designed to fill that void with dozens of easy-to-implement tips and techniques to create realistic-looking HDR images.

The first chapter is a quick HDR tutorial for beginners, and then the remaining chapters build on the basic knowledge with advanced techniques and dozens of tips from the pros. The author’s no-nonsense writing style is easy to understand and makes for a quick read.

This book teaches how to take HDR photos in the field, as well as how to post-process the HDR photos using Photomatix software.

You can buy this eBook to read on ANY computer by using the shopping cart below, or you can buy the book in various eBook stores for your Kindle/Nook/iPad/Nook, etc.  Here’s a link to the book in the Kindle Store.  Here’s a link to the book in the Nook Store.  If you have an iPad/iPhone/iTouch, you can search the name of the book from within the iBooks application.



  1. al

    I find 99% of HDR images horrendous not to mention nauseating. The only ‘creative’ advantage they have seems to me with working on B&W or monochrome images. Most images do better with less information, not more. Because B&W is not replete with color info, I find the HDR has a ‘chance’ to make a positive difference in outcomes. IMHO.

  2. Peter Anagnostos

    I’m looking but no where here can I find what HDR means. I’d show it in the title, since this work seems geared to beginning photographer like me.

    1. Author
      Jim Harmer

      Hi Peter, HDR stands for high dynamic range photography. You’ll find it on the first page of the book. The reason it is not included here is that NOBODY calls it “high dynamic range photography.” It’s really only referred to by its acronym in everyday language.

      1. Rich Jerk Review

        I really impressed after read this because of some quality work and informative thoughts . I just wanna say thanks for the writer and wish you all the best for coming!.

  3. Barrie Marshall

    I have been into HDR for about two weeks now, mainly black and white, your book has improved my output, anybody using Photomatix needs this book as I found out program items and techniques that I would have not used without the book, well written in lay mans language.


  4. Cathy B

    I think HDR used in the right amounts is fasinating and beuatiufl BUt many things it has its place. I’m lookin forward to reading the ebook.

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