Improve Your Wildlife Photography – $3.99

In the wake of two fast-selling books on photography, author and award-winning photographer Jim Harmer presents his third book: “Improve Your Wildlife Photography.”

This book is written with the beginning and intermediate wildlife photographer in mind. Not sure what specular highlights are, or never heard of a flash extender? This book is for you. Whether you enjoy shooting birds, deer, or any other type of animal, the techniques in this book will help improve the impact of your wildlife photos.

The book is written in straight-forward and casual language so difficult concepts can be explained in the simplest of terms. With quick and easy tips spread throughout the book, any photographer can get both in-depth information and quick and easy ideas to improve their animal photography.

Some of the topics explained in the book include: how to increase the drama in your wildlife photography, improving your lighting, what makes a winning wildlife photo, how to get close to animals, and techniques to achieve ultra-sharp animal photos. Photographers who shoot any type of wildlife–whether it be birds, deer, african animals, or anything else–will improve their photography by reading this book.

You can buy this eBook to read on your computer by using the shopping cart below, or you can buy the book in various eBook stores for your Kindle/Nook/iPad/Nook, etc.  Here’s a link to the book in the Kindle Store.  Here’s a link to the book in the Nook Store.  If you have an iPad/iPhone/iTouch, you can search the name of the book from within the iBooks application.



  1. james callis

    Well worth the price and a little refresher for the experienced. Great book, thanks

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