It’s finally here! How to Create Your Own Photography Portfolio Website in 10 Minutes or Less

I have been working to find the ideal photography portfolio website for years, and I think I have finally found the perfect solution for me.  In this video, I share with you the 9 Deadly Sins of Photography Portfolio Websites, and a step-by-step solution for creating a stunningly beautiful photography website of your own!  To learn about what makes a great photography portfolio site, and to see how to create one of your own, watch the video below!

  • Brandon

    While the video is great and easy to follow it would be much easier to look back on if there was some text to go with this for reference.
    I’ve got the theme all finally set up and now I am at a place where I can’t listen.

  • Jody Coss

    One of my resolutions this year was to start a blog. While I’ve been a photographer for many years, have a website, I am determined that I should get a blog going. It seems like a daunting task. So, I followed your video today, step by step. First, I culd not find the link to host monster to give you credit. Not sure if that can be called in to them but I feel bad that you’re not getting the credit. We did have to call Host Monster and their customer service was great. I still have lots of questions. Can’t get the sample pictures that I uploaded and such but I feel great that I’ve made the first step. Can I contact you if I need more help? Also what should I do about having you get your “cut”. Thanks. Look forward to your email.

  • Shicane Wilson

    Great video Jim, thanks for putting it up! I must mention the importance of choosing the right platform for showcasing your work. Good portfolio making site features offer good features to highlight your work. I fond Pixpa as a great platform which allowed me to create my site with beautiful templates and great galleries. I recommend this to anyone who wants to incorporate the above tips into their portfolio site

  • Marc

    Thanks for taking the time to post this tutorial. I have thought about doing this for quite some time but never knew how to do it. This video made the website creation painless. Thanks very much!

  • alex-titley

    JIM, i am following your training video on how to build a website, when I go to your website I dont see the page that you are showing in the training, am I missing something?