Cool Infographic! 29 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Photography Forever

This summer, I wrote an article entitled “22 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Photography Forever.”  The article was wildly popular and has been read by hundreds of thousands of photographers.  Today, I want to share with you a cool infographic of the tips from the article (plus a few extra!).

Thought you’d all enjoy this one.  Over on our Facebook fan page, we’re having a fun little contest to see who has already accomplished these.  At the time of writing, the current winner has done 19 out of the 29.

If you enjoy this, please be sure to pay it forward by linking to this on your site, or sharing it on social media.  If you’d like to see a higher-resolution version, here it is.

Photography tips infographic

Improve Photography Infographic


  1. Jessica

    What a fantastic list!!! I want to take this to heart. btw, I have a photography blog and could always use guest bloggers. hint, hint, nudge, nudge. :)

  2. Patrick Lyons

    PRINT THIS IN POSTER SIZE! OFFER IT FOR SALE! Batteries not included. This would look really cool in any studio, anywhere!! DO IT!! Patrick Lyons/NATIVE IMAGES DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY

  3. Ann

    I absolutely love your list! I’m going to make a concerted effort to do 27 of your 29 Things.

    And like Patrick Lyons said in his comment, make a poster, I’ll buy it to support your wonderful blog. Thank You!

  4. Mattias Olsson

    Inspiring list that you have put together! It gave me quite a few good ideas. I think I’ll start with these: enter a photo contest, write a guest post, make a facebook page! :)

  5. Kyoshi

    Lets make it 30… Shoot and process Film should be on this list. Im with KFro on this one… Iv’e done 27 of the 29…

    I haven’t done a photo club (for a specific reason), a photoshop tutorial on youtube (heck I’ve been teaching it since 2005) and half of them are flexible (for example Iv’e never done the free trial of lightroom but I own the full version and use it…

    I should pass it on to students though. Good list

  6. Alex

    Got most of that crossed off. Was going to do some street photography this morning and then realized when I got out that I left all my memory cards on my desk that I was uploading. Well at least I had a nice walk downtown in 23 degree weather.

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