The Most Stolen Camera Award Goes to….

Lenstag, a mobile app that lets you record your camera serial numbers and then find it if it gets stolen, publishes data showing the most stolen camera models, as well as where cameras are stolen.  Petapixel posted the data in an infographic and it’s too good not to share.

Interesting that the D7000 tops the list.  But frankly, I don’t blame the perps.  It’s one of those models that will go down in history as a favorite.  But I will point out that the data is from Lenstag’s users.  I’d like to see the data taken one step further and include a breakdown of Lenstag users compared to sales of the camera per capita to see what camera models are actually more likely to be stolen.  Really, all this shows is that D7000 users are the largest segment of Lenstag’s users.

And where do you need to watch out for your gear most?  In the car.  I always put my camera in the trunk so it is out of sight, which also keeps the gear from getting overheated in the summer.

Check it out…


  • Rachel Cotterill

    Interesting reading! I wonder how those figures for the kit stack up against the numbers of each in circulation…

  • Brecht

    Funny infographic (but not so funny if it’s your gear) :)

  • Mike

    I’ve seen this before. And I think you have to take into account the percentage of each type of camera that is out there. I bought a D7000 as did an awful lot of other people. Was it one of the best selling cameras of the last few years? Probably. Kind of like this: Ford F150 is one of the most commonly stolen vehicles because it’s one of the most common vehicles.

  • Mike

    Also, think of the thieves that steal a camera bag – not even knowing if there is a camera in it or not. Let alone the make or model.

  • Christine

    Taking into account non-Lenstag users and non-DSLRs, most stolen camera is probably an iPhone.

  • Matt

    The big ‘miss’ here is that the data is compiled from only one source. The ‘types’ of people that would use lenstag also would use a higher end camera.

    I can almost guarantee that if a variety of sourced could have been accessed (insurance claims for instance) that enthusiast level Canon would have topped the list.

    Overall it is really a PR exercise for lenstag.

    What they should have published was recovery rates improved through use of their service.

  • Trevor Sehrer

    I’d love to have that data (numbers of particular models in circulation) but I haven’t been able to find it. Any idea where I could get it?

  • Trevor Sehrer

    That might very well be the case. I had my iPhone I used for Lenstag development stolen from a hotel room a couple weeks ago. :(

  • David Johnston

    Yikes, my Jeep is very easy to break into. I better look into some of these

  • Kristi

    Wow! I’ll hold a little tighter to my cameras from now on! Thanks!

  • Emilio

    Only that an iphone is not a camera.