(Sold Out) 30 Days to Professional-Quality Portrait Photography (Online Class)

Portrait photo of a woman with her hair twirling around--fun!

Join me on fun and interactive 30-day class to improve your portrait photography.

This class is over.  Please check out this page for our current courses.

Comments from the I.P. Community

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    Will i be able to download the screen cast so i can watch later (without connecting to internet)?

    I have already register to the class. I just want to know what preparation i need to do before class start. What things i should have it before class start. Like some lens, external light, software.


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    so I’m thinking that maybe its time to step out of my comfort zone and learn lighting, however like many others, My summer schedule is very busy. will the classes be available on DVD or to download after the sessions are over? and how much $?

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    Do you think it would be to much if I was taking another class at the same time? I work primarily in CS5 I never use elements anymore since I bought CS, but I do have LR3 and I have NO idea how to use it. I get frustrated and stop them just finish with CS. Will you be going over LR3 and the presets etc? Are you also going to be talking/teaching about reflectors? Will you give constructive criticism as well? Sorry i have so many questions but I really want to take my photography to the next level.

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    Hi Jim,

    Busy guy you are! Love your candid talk and simple explanations. Will you do a class on studio shooting sometime? Would you include post production with PS Elements 9?

    I am stuck in the dark with product (jewelry) photography for the web. New Canon SLR and EF 28-135 close up lens has my creative juices flowing… Just need some help to step up. Thank you!

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    @Jamie – Yes, yes and yes. Yes, I will discuss Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photoshop Elements for post-processing. Yes, I will talk quite a bit about reflectors. Yes, I will be giving constructive criticism. :-) Hope you’re able to join us for the class.

    @Rowena King – I haven’t yet upgraded from CS4 to CS5, but it is highly doubtful that you’ll even notice. The two versions are only VERY SLIGHTLY different. I’ll show how to do things in Photoshop, Lightroom, and PSE.

    @Bala – this is a “learn on your own time” class. We’ll do a few live sessions of about 45 minutes in length, but the rest of the content will be available on demand. Also, we’ll have weekly assignments if you choose to participate with them.

    @Glen MCQ – All you need is a computer with an internet connection, ANY DSLR, and a lens. That’s it!

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    When will you be sending out confirmations for this class? I registered last week but haven’t gotten any kind of confirmation yet and want to make sure I actually got a spot.

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    Hi, I was going to sign up for your portrait class but see it is full. I know you mentioned your next class will be on landscapes. Do you think you’ll offer another portrait class in the very near future???

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    Sold Out?!?! But..but, I just discovered your site! Oh well, I’ll keep looking out for this class again – it looks really great and helpful. It’s a topic that I am really looking forward to learning more about.

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