(Sold Out) 30 Days to Professional-Quality Portrait Photography (Online Class)

Portrait photo of a woman with her hair twirling around--fun!

Join me on fun and interactive 30-day class to improve your portrait photography.

This class is over.  Please check out this page for our current courses.


  1. Nery Rodriguez

    Hi, Jim hope all is well! I am so upset with myself for missing out on this class, please do another portrait class soon! I’ll be anxiously waiting.

  2. Kate Feider

    I HIGHLY recommend this class! I am in it right now. I have been doing photography for 3 years, and have had a photography business for 2 years where I’ve done over 200 photo shoots. But I have learned a TON in the few short weeks of this class!
    The class is for beginners as well, as long as you have an understanding of exposure and are comfortable shooting in manual.
    Jim is such a great teacher. He truly enjoys helping others improve and is dedicated to that cause. He will answer all your questions thoroughly and without pretense. He is laid back and very easy to talk to and learn from. I really, really hope that there will be a portrait photography part II sometime soon! What do you say Jim? 😉

  3. Katherine Jamieson

    Hi, i am a very enthusiastic photographer with a Canon EOS450D, but sadly i generally stick to the presets on the camera as i just cant get my head around the functions! I read books which tell me what the settings mean and do and it seems to go in one ear and out the other so to speak! Which is very frustrating as i am very keen and really want to know how to get the best from my camera.
    Do you have any suggestions? :-)

    Many thanks!

  4. Frances

    Just found your website — bummed out that I missed your class but am looking forward to the next one!

    Thanks for providing so much wonderful information!

  5. Payal

    Just stumbled upon this terrific site (and bookmarked, of course). Hope you’re having another online course soon. :)

  6. Matt Harper

    Hoping to sign up for your class. Keep me posted as to when you will have another. I actually just got a gig photographing newborns right in the hospital so I want to fine tune what I do.

  7. Author
    Jim Harmer

    @David Charles, I have not yet set the times for the live sessions yet. I am going to ask in the questionnaire to paying students when they are available and will schedule them when the most people are available. Each of the live sessions will occur at DIFFERENT times so if you can’t attend one, you will likely be able to attend a different one.

    @Lyndsey Do you think I would leave you in the cold? :-) I’m a big Lightroom user, so I will show how to do things both in Photoshop/Photoshop Elements, as well as Lightroom 3. I LOVE Lightroom.

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