On-location Video Tutorial: Idaho Wildflowers in Spring

In this free photography video tutorial, I take you with me to a landscape photography shoot in Idaho and walk you through how I made my photo… step-by-step.   I did this shoot this last weekend, June 18, 2011 on public land in southern Idaho.  In addition to the video, this article explains some more details on how I got the shot, including my camera settings and post-processing technique.

Before the shoot, I did some research online and found a few photos on Flickr from people who were shooting the beautiful Camas Lilies.  This helped me to find a great location.  Then, I learned about the Camas Lily itself by searching on Google.  I found out that the flower grows in wet marshy areas, so I knew I would need to bring waders if I wanted to get in the best location to shoot.

Then, I checked the sunrise time and the drive time to get there.  It was 2 hours away, so I needed to leave home at 3:30AM to get in position before sunrise.  I arrived a couple minutes late, but was able to get some great pictures anyway.

When I got to the flowers, I set up low to show a few of the close flowers, but not too low or else the flowers in the distance would be blocked.  Then I set my camera to aperture priority, f/18, ISO 200, 1/200th second shutter speed, locked on to my Induro tripod, and fired away.

At first I shot in portrait orientation, but I really liked the landscape orientation shot better.

Once I got home, I made an HDR of the picture.  I liked how the HDR looked on the sky, but not the HDR on the flowers.  So, I blended the HDR sky onto a single exposure of the flowers using an organic HDR method.  This produced the image that I had hoped I could make.

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God's Country (Landscape Photography) - by Jim Harmer


  1. Jason Lopez

    I read about you on SPI and clicked here to see what your site is about.

    I’m just getting into video and love editing, but I’m not a fan of camerawork. However, this video has given me two solid takeaways and I’m actually excited to work on improving my camera skills.

    I’m very new to editing and video in general and while your site is mainly for photography, I am learning a lot from you.

    Nice job and keep up the good work. Consider me a new subscriber to your site. Thank! – Jason

  2. Kerri Demarse

    Do you sell your photographs? We are opening a new office in Eagle and I would love to have huge prints of Idaho landscapes. gorgeous work!

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